Ceramic and porcelain are clays that come from the recesses of the Earth. Mother nature makes this resource freely available to us. A Plus Flooring Solutions makes use of this resource and offers you a beautiful tiled floor for your home.

Ceramic tiles are glazed to give your floor a sheen that cannot go unnoticed. This choice of flooring will not only be one of the best things you could do to your home but also one of the most durable options you could select in flooring.


The difference between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles  tile-floor

Both these two tiles are made from the same clays but mixed with different chemicals to embody their unique characteristics. Both the tiles are actually called Ceramic tiles, but can be differentiated as Porcelain and Non-Porcelain.

Non porcelain tiles are glazed on the surface. The glaze is a finishing done on it. These tiles are made usually of white or red clay mixtures. However, color dyes are used to allow more color options in tiles.

Porcelain tiles are made using the dust pressed method of porcelain clay. They are more durable and their wear isn’t very noticeable as the same texture is found throughout the tile, even on chipping. Glazed porcelain tiles are stronger and are able to endure heavy traffic. This tile generally costs 10% more than the non porcelain tile.

Why Ceramic or Porcelain for your home on Cape Cod

Ceramic and Porcelain are known to bring home a rich ambiance. The tiles give a very natural earthy feel to your home as they are literally made of earth. This type of flooring ensures a cool room at all times. Your feet cannot miss the soft feel in spite of the tiled floor.

A Plus Flooring Solutions on Cape Cod brings you numerous designs and colors in porcelain tiles. Available in various shapes and sizes, you may accuse us of making the choice difficult.
For Cape Cod Ceramic Tiles, don’t tour all of Cape Cod, just come to us.

What A Plus Flooring Solutions can do for you…

We, at A Plus Flooring Solutions, have a bunch of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and capable staff that are ever ready to assist you in choosing the right flooring option. Purchase your Cape Cod Porcelain Tiles from us and be sure to have a floor that’s the talk of your guests at any occasion.  We also sell various flooring supplies that you may require for maintaining your floor.

A lot of cleaning agents can be harmful for ceramic flooring, which is why you need to consult an expert before you decide to clean up your tiles. Experts are not far away, allow us to advise you on the best cleaning agents and help you take care of your flooring.

A Plus Flooring Solutions are your friendly neighborhood flooring providers. Come down to our store on Cape Cod and treat yourself to a flooring option that your feet deserve. Did I mention we sell at the best rates in town?