Vinyl is more than just a flooring option. Vinyl is your new age floor up grader.  Yes! Do your house wonders by availing of a vinyl tile floor and watch how this type of flooring changes the way your room treats you.

If you’re looking out for a flooring solution that is long lasting and elegant at the same time, there’s no better place to look than in A Plus Flooring Solution.  For Cape Cod Vinyl Flooring, visit our store and avail of the various designs we have for you.

Why is Vinyl a good choice?

Vinyl is chosen by a number of people plainly for the fact that it is easy to install. The process is quick and can be placed over any type of sub flooring.

Vinyl is softer than your usual hardwood and ceramic flooring. And with the recent ceramic/hardwood imitation designs in vinyl, your vinyl tiles make your floor look like its ceramic tiled or hardwood.


Vinyl has the ability to keep your feet warm. And won’t you just love that in the winter? Vinyl has an elastic property too that provides a little cushiony effect.

cape-cod-vinyl-flooringVinyl is one of the most famous types of flooring these days for all the above mentioned reasons as also for the fact that it now provides so many new designs, colors, prints, textures etc.

Vinyl tiling is better than vinyl sheets as it’s easier to replace a tile if worn out than to redo an entire sheet. Vinyl has the same texture throughout the tile, so in case it experiences a scratch or a chip, you might not even notice it.

The Vinyl tiles at A Plus Flooring Solutions

We, at A Plus Flooring Solutions, ensure that you have a good choice before you when you come looking for a flooring option. Our Vinyl tiles are manufactured to bring comfort and style to your home.

The advantage of Vinyl tiles is that you can mix-match the tiles and don’t really have to choose just one design. Pair up floral tiles with self colored tiles and watch home the mix brightens your home. How about a chess board for flooring?  Your options are limitless.

Be creative, let out the designer in you and choose the best from our collection. If you don’t think you have an eye for designing, allow us to suggest what would look best in your house as also what deals would best suit your convenience.

Our staff members are a bunch of lively enthusiasts who are every willing to suggest vinyl tiles that you may find a liking to. You can count on them to sell you only the best of A Plus Flooring Solutions.

A Plus Flooring Solutions is a known name on Cape Cod, providing not just flooring options but lifestyles. We also sell Flooring supplies that can help you look after your flooring and give it the special care it needs to really last you long. We promise you that your purchase will be worth every penny you’ve spent and can guarantee you will be back to choose a flooring for other rooms as well.